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What to Expect When Posting Bail at the Hartford Correctional Center

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Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional, what you need to know

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak hit Connecticut, many lives have been lost while thousands of local residents are sick with the virus. It’s no different at the CT Department of Corrections. Currently, there are confirmed cases among the correctional staff members, inmate population, and even the juvenile prisons. There is no process of services, as usual, quite the contrary, almost 100% of consultations at the Hartford Correctional prison are now by phone. If you are in need to post Harford Correctional bail bonds, call first!

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Processing Hartford Correctional bail bonds during COVID-19 coronavirus

Call first. Call the Hartford correctional bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds to get the best information possible. A good honest Hartford bail bondsman will not only find good and accurate information for free but would also offer options. Here is an article about things you may not know about bail.

Unexpected facility shutdown. During these uncertain times, some correctional centers have been shut down unexpectedly due to personnel or inmates reporting symptoms of coronavirus. In this case, we must wait to hear back from the facility to proceed.

Get prepared to have your temperature checked. Prior to entering the Hartford correctional lobby to post bail, designated staff outside will check your temp. If your temp reads over 100.4 you will not be allowed in the building. See the link here for more restricted operations. Recently records staff has asked to only see the bail bondsman inside to minimize direct contact. In this case, the family must wait outside the lobby.

Preferred methods to pay for bail. Cash is considered the most infested item you can touch during coronavirus. That’s why it is encouraged to place it in a zip bag and count it using gloves. To pay the bondsman, you can use cash, credit cards, debit cards, or pay online using a variety of apps and services.

Online forms and easy process. 3-D Bail Bonds offers a full online paperwork service to customers available 24/7. Fillable forms are easy to fill and sign electronically. Forms can be sent through fax and email.

Court dates and follow-ups. While most CT courts are closed, there are some courts that are open offering priority 1 level functions including arraignments, domestic cases, and bail bonds. 3-D agents are offering a follow up with information on the next court dates and procedures.

Staying safe while posting bail for someone

Remember to protect your life and others, practice social distancing during this crisis, but most importantly stay safe, stay home. We understand the anxiety and frustration families must be going through when they cannot see their loved ones during this difficult time. However, 3-D Bail Bonds is here serving you, if bail is an option, we are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find us online and by phone by calling 860-247-2245.

Drew Bloom speaks bout safety first while facing the coronavirus outbreak in Connecticut.

Here is the list of CT Correctional Centers with positive cases of COVID-19  coronavirus. See the link here.

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